Little Acres Farms Pasture of cows grazing on a blue skied sunny day

One day the stars aligned

and an Arizona farm boy and a British girl from the city met!

Our Story

28 years and many children later we find ourselves on a 20 Acre farm in the Big Horn Basin of northern Wyoming. We had a dream of raising children in an environment of seeing the fruits of our labor. Getting our hands dirty and building character!

Over the last 20 years of living in Wyoming, we have collected a family of animals along the way. What started out as 2 crazy wild Holstein cows that we didn’t end up milking has now become a herd of sweet, placid cows. Pigs, chickens, ducks, and a handful of geese round out the group.

Our Vision

“To bring healthy and wholesome products from our farm to your table.”

Bates Family with pet dog photographed in a grass field with cows behind them

We have been so blessed to create and build our farm and we want to share these blessings with our community. Sharing in the bounteous gifts that will bless the lives of others.

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