Chickens: A Love Affair!

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What begins as a few chicks can turn into 80! From collecting eggs to sharing treats, my chicken love is real.

Chicken seems like an excellent way to start any simple hobby farm… Right?

We have had chickens for as long as we have had a place for them to run!

Getting started is easy. Buy some chicks. Keep them in the house under a light until the weather and their size are compatible.

The Kids love and hold them and are eager to help initially. However, all things seem like a good idea in the beginning.

12 to 20 chickens is a good amount until, well, it isn’t anymore.

Buying a few more chickens to ensure you have enough for your growing family to have plenty of eggs is prudent.

But it didn’t stop there; 80 chickens later, I might now be classified as obsessed! I have a serious love affair with my chickens. I can’t seem to help myself. I love watching them and checking on them to ensure they have everything they need. I bring them treats of mealworms, and I enjoy seeing how excited they get to them.

I love helping Mckenna collect the eggs, praising the ‘girls’ for their hard work, and laying all the pretty colored eggs. At times, I pity them. We have some rather large eggs in the nest, which must be uncomfortable. I naturally gave birth to a 9-pound baby at home, so I understand big babies!!

Chickens have great personalities. If you are having a bad day, sit in the coop for 20 minutes, and I promise it will make you smile. My children tease me whenever I go into the coop and hear me talking to them, saying, “Hello, how are you, and how are my ‘kids’ doing today?”

I will never grow to be a crazy old cat lady, but I am sure I will still be crazy about my chickens.

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