Meet The Farm Family!

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Bates Family with pet dog photographed in a grass field with cows behind them
In our hearts, there is a sincere desire to share the fruits of our labor, fostering a sense of unity and connection among our neighbors.

We would like to introduce you to the rest of the family.

We are currently milking 15 cows, we have a variety of breeds, mostly Jersey and then Brown Swiss.

We have a few Guernsey’s thrown into the mix, but we are now focusing on adding Normandes to the herd.

We have 12 bottle fed babies, and then we have a few “teenagers!” These are not old enough to breed and too old to be on bottles.

At this time, we have 8 heifers bred and will have babies any time from now to March 2024.

Our resident bull is a registered Normande named Prince.

Hanging out in the neighborhood are our pigs. 10 sows and their Romeo!

We have 3 little piglets that are constantly getting into all kinds of mischief.

We always have a few other pigs waiting to be old enough to go to market!

We have 80 chickens that happily lay beautiful multi-colored eggs.

20 beautiful ducks sit on the pond and greet us every morning to laugh at us.

They can’t help making us smile.

Along with the ducks waddling around the farm we have 6 geese.

Our geese live to torment anyone who might get close to them, and boy are they noisy!!

We round out our animal family with our sweet canine companions, 5-year-old Buddy and 10-month-old Glacier the Great Pyrenees guardian dogs and the matriarch of the farm our 8-year-old Husky/ Black Lab – Flower.

In upcoming posts, we will better acquaint you to each and every one of them.


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