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Welcome to Littles Acres Farm. We want you to introduce you to our family. Martin is the farmer and the dreamer! This was all his idea and his passion.

Welcome to Littles Acres Farm. We want you to introduce you to our family.

Martin is the farmer and the dreamer! This was all his idea and his passion and what he lives to do. Farming is in his blood. Martin was raised on a farm in Arizona with his 9 siblings. He is the baby of his family and learned to love this life from his parents and brothers and sisters.

Beckie was born in Bristol, England and emigrated with her family as a teenager. Farm life was NOT in her blood. Although she has adapted and loves the farm now, it took some time and convincing that this was a good idea! Beckie now runs the business side of the farm but isn’t afraid to get in and get her hands dirty.

Martin brought 6 children into the marriage and then together they had nine more children, one being their angel baby, Luke.

Five children still live at home, and all participate in keeping the farm going.

Lauren and Liberty are 19-year-old twins coming to us as Christmas presents, being born the day after Christmas. The twins are strong independent young women. They both currently nanny for different families and yet still find time to do most of the evening milking’s.  Lauren is talented in music, having taught herself to play the guitar and ukulele. She blesses our family with this gift. We love to hear her sing and play the guitar. Liberty is our gardener. She loves to be in the garden, and she also has a talent for landscaping. We appreciate her efforts in making our farm look good.

Jared is 16 and is his dad’s right-hand man on the farm. Strong and dependable. He has a witty sense of humor and keeps a smile on his face all the time. He has had some serious life challenges with being diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 9. He has a black belt in Taekwondo and is the favorite Uncle to his nieces and nephews.

Schyler is our newest teenager. He is anxious to grow taller than all his brothers! He is an avid reader and loves to spend many hours reading. His nickname is Tom Sawyer because he has a way of getting his friends and cousins to do his chores, making it seem like they are having the best time of their lives! He has started his own hog business and is raising pigs and selling meat. All the pork that is currently being sold on our website is all from Schyler!

Rounding out the kids is the baby of the family 10-year-old McKenna-Grace. She might be the youngest of the family, but it doesn’t stop her from having the biggest and most giving heart. She loves the farm; her dream is to grow up and take over the farm. She says whomever she marries must be willing to live here as she doesn’t ever want to be anywhere else! McKenna-Grace knows all the cows by name and knows which babies belong to which mama. She loves all animals and names all the barn cats and claims them all. She never likes to see an animal hurting.

As time goes by, we will be sure to introduce you to all our children and grandchildren that are spread far and wide!

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